For a number of years now, he has been tirelessly devoted to collaborating with contemporary composers, comissioning their new works, entering into a creative dialogue with them, producing to date, either alone or in various ensembles, over 40 debut performances of new pieces. He regularly collaborates with Uroš Rojko, with whom he plays also in the Quo Vadis Trio, and he keeps constant creative contact/is constantly in touch with Vinko Globokar. As a soloist, he performed not least in two of Globokar’s monumental pieces, the Radiography of a Novel (Donaueschingen, with Symphony Orchestra SWR), and prior to that in Angel of History (Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra under the leadership of Diego Masson). Juhart regularly collaborates also with Thomas Larcher, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Eduardo Demetz, Klaus Huber, Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Vito Žuraj, Matej Bonin, Volker Heyn, Arturo Fuentes and countless other composers. These sound encounters have been well documented since. He has brought out his solo album Dialog/Dialogue with Zavod Sploh  and L’innomable records, with NEOS his solo album Deconstructing Accordion, his other interpretations have been released also with NEOS, Transit and ORF.

All of this, however, is not a simple matter of specialization. His in-depth approach to contemporary sound is more than a case of exploiting a repertoir niche. So throughout his studies he attended classes and master courses with specialists in old music, with cemballo and organ players, viola da gamba players and conductors, and to this day he plays this music regularly with, amongst others, Camerata Zurich, Thomas and Patrick Demenga, Christoph Bossert and Volker Jacobsen.

His approach to contemporary music in any case forswears any closure, and as an accordeonist he has never operated merely in the space prescribed by the institution of Central European music tradition. He has already delved into contemporary free improvisation, a musical undertaking that transposes a musican trained to render written-down music perfectly into entirely unpredictable situations, confronting him with hitherto unknown risks. Part of his opting out from music specialization is also his interest in composition, out of which, in 2013, the piece hrUP for accordeon emerged.

He has performed at eminent festivals, such as the BCC Proms, Klangspuren in the Austrain Schwaz, the Warsaw Autumn, Transit in Leuven in Belgium, November Music at the Dutch s’Hertogenbosch, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Centre New York. His collaborations with orchestras, besides the already mentioned ones, include also the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra ORF, the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the German Radio Symphonic Orchestra from Saarbrücken, Mozarteum Salzburg Orchestra, Badische Staatskapelle Karlsruhe and the Windkraft an Aventure Ensemble. Luka Juhart also gives lectures for composers and students of the accordeon: he has given workshops at various conservatories and academies across Europe. Since 2012, he has been lecturing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

He studied at the State Academy of Music in the German Trossingen in the class of Prof. Hugo Noth, whom he joined after his finals at the music gymnasium in Maribor with Prof. Andrej Lorber. He completed his postgraduate studies in the master class of Prof. Stefan Hussong at the Academy of Music in Würzburg in 2008.